Hiring an iPhone?

When it comes to iPhones, it comes as no surprise that most people are going to want to make sure that they have the latest model available. However, it goes without saying that getting the latest tech from Apple is expensive. The good news for fans of iPhones is that there is another option and it comes in the form of iPhone hire from Tablet Rentals (www.tablet-rentals.co.uk)

The chances are that you have never considered renting an iPhone before. However,  iPhone rental is something that may be a great idea for you and we have been doing this for nearly 8 years now (since the launch of the iPhone 5). So if you would like to know more about renting an iPhone then please see below:

Latest iPhone model

When it comes to iPhone hire, if you want to test or try the latest device before you commit then hiring an iPhone via Tablet Rentals is definitely an option for you. You definitely cannot do this when you’re locked into a long-term contract as you can only upgrade at certain times.

Similarly, you cannot do this if you buy an iPhone outright as you will be stuck with it. By hiring iPhones from Tablet Rentals you can try it first and it may well be that particular iPhone is not for you, so you can wait for the right iPhone to come out. Apple releases a new iPhone each year so getting the right device which will last you a few years is crucial.

Great Sim-only deals

Typically, you pay for your mobile phone on a monthly charge and this charge will vary depending on the phone that you have and will often be a combination of the credit charge of the phone and the actual tariff of using it.

More often than not, it is the charge of the phone that is higher than the tariff and this is why you can find great deals on “sim only” which is where you only pay for the tariff and instead you don’t pay for the phone. When you hire a phone, you will only have to arrange for the tariff charge, which again allows you to find a great deal.

Is your phone being fixed?

Hiring an iPhone can be a very handy short-term fix, especially if your device has gone off to be repaired or your insurers are in the process of getting you a replacement device.

Tablet Rentals offer a range of iPhones for short-term and long-term hire and our prices are unbeatable.

Wow-what a camera:

The new iPhone 11, the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is sensational and can make any event or shoot incredible.

If you haven’t seen the superb camera in the iPhone 11 range then I’d hugely recommend hiring it from Tablet Rentals for your event.

Thinking about choosing the latest iPhone hire for yourself? If you are then you will want to check out our mobile phone rental and iPhone hire service and learn more about what we have on offer for you. For further information pls email: [email protected] or call 0207 6830232