The new iPad Pro comes in two sizes; an 11’ Pro and the 12.9’ Pro.  It is now faster and more powerful than most Windows PC laptops. However, just as important are the additional features that make this the stand out tablet for tablet hire on the market today.

On the new iPad Pro (both the 11’ Pro and the 12.9’ Pro can be hired from Tablet Rentals) is a 12MP Wide camera that captures phenomenal photos alongside a new 10MP ultra-wide camera which allows the user to zoom out twice as far as before, a perfect tool for all those creative professionals, filmmakers, video professionals, podcasters and studio techies.

In addition, the new Pro comes with 5 studio-quality microphones for capturing stunning audio capabilities. These awesome features allow the tablet to be used by professionals for film and photography studio work. Apps like Filmic Pro are fast becoming the go to App for creative pros and Tablet Rentals leases the latest iPad Pro’s for all your creative studio needs.

There is also a breakthrough LiDAR Scanner on the new iPad Pro which provides cutting-edge depth-sensing capabilities, opening up professional photo and video apps for augmented reality (AR). Along with the latest iPhones for hire, Tablet Rentals hire iPads and rents iPhones to studios across the UK and across Europe.

The LiDAR Scanner measures the distance to surrounding objects up to 5 meters away and it works both indoors and outdoors. This operates at the photon level at nano-second speeds and these integrated features on the iPad Pro are a first for any type of mobile device.

Users can be rest assured existing ARKit app automatically gets instant AR placement which in turn, improves both motion capture and people occlusion so developers can use the power of the new LiDAR Scanner to create a myriad of creative scenarios never before possible.  The LiDAR Scanner is definitely a game changer for those working with precise distances and requiring accurate measurements in their iPad hire work.

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