Bristol iPads / Devices

Tablet Rentals love assisting with events in Bristol

Bristol is one of Tablet Rentals busiest cities and we regularly have a range of events in Bristol. Whilst iPad hire, virtual reality gear and live voting event  are all regular events, we often do EPOS events in the many outdoor venues that Bristol offers.

We offer iPad hire, stand hire along with card readers, cash drawers, printers and scanners. EPOS has continually evolved with our clients and the fact that we are geared up and able to provide a full solution for EPOS across the UK, provides customers secure knowledge that they can operate a slick professional iPad EPOS solution at any of their events. More and more pop up events offer sales opportunities so Tablet Rentals will be more than happy to discuss your EPOS event requirements.

For more information on how Tablet Rentals can assist your event in Bristol, please call 0207 6830232 or [email protected]