Like millions of Apple users, we woke up today to an unusual (certainly unprecedented) warning from Apple to update our iPhones, Apple watches, our iPads and MacBooks immediately.

Like most of you, the team at Tablet Rentals woke with our devices on iOS 14.7.1. However, a zero-click spying malware has been discovered which has shown a flaw in Apple’s software security.

The malicious code allows spying on a person’s Apple device without the user being aware. It must be stressed that the spying malware would not effect the majority of Apple users, but nevertheless our Tablet Rentals team recommends users to update their devices to iOS 14.8.

Important iOS Software Update Notice

This will only take minutes so whilst it’s highly likely users won’t be affected; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Should you be currently about to hire an iPad, rent an iPhone or lease a MacBook then Tablet Rentals will ensure all our devices are updated to iOS 14.8. Similarly, those currently hiring iPhones with Tablet Rentals or renting iPads or MacBooks with us should also update their devices ASAP.

If you have any questions, please contact the team at Tablet Rentals on 0207 6830232 or [email protected]

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