Apple’s October 2021 event has finished and despite several rumoured plans being unveiled, Apple continues to surprise us. At Tablet Rentals we knew the next generation of MacBooks would be unleashed, but we weren’t expecting new M1 chips to be added to the range; the M1 Pro and the M1 Max.

We have been loving the MacBook Pro 13’ at Tablet Rentals and hiring out MacBooks (from the Air to the MacBook Pro 13’, 15’ and 16’) to a range of corporates and creatives. Now we’ll have an even broader range to offer; a new MacBook Pro 14’ and an updated MacBook Pro 16’ to hire.

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However, it was definitely the introduction of the new M1 chips that caught the team at Tablet Rentals off guard. The new 2021 MacBooks with Apple’s own M1 chips will certainly enhance performance and power over previous silicon chips in earlier MacBooks. According to Apple the new MacBook Pro 2021 features an amazing Liquid Retina XDR display alongside the best audio and camera in a MacBook to date. The battery life is even better than before and ambitious projects can be up to 10 CPU cores and up to 16 GPU. So basically, that’s huge.

MacBook Hire from Tablet Rentals is about to reach new heights. With Halloween around the corner, perhaps it was no joke when Apple said the speed of the new MacBook Pros is scary! Indeed, for creatives and producers the speed is double the speed of previous MacBook versions and allows 8K videos whilst hundreds of thousands of RAW photos can be stored. Just as important is Apple’s ability to listen. One constant gripe from our clients was the lack of ports on the current MacBook Pro versions.

Apple is bringing back the HDMI port and SD card reader whilst reverting back to Magsafe charging. Our team at Tablet Rentals are fans of the Magsafe as we constantly discover ourselves being magnetized by the power plug. It means that if you trip over the power cord you don’t take the laptop with you, which considering the cost of them is a very good thing! It still allows thunderbolt charging as well in case you’ve dispensed with the magnetic ones!

We hire MacBooks and soon within the MacBook range to rent will be the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13’, MacBook Pro 14’ and Mac book Pro 16’. Wow – it is good to see Apple differentiating between the smaller MacBook Pros. Users looking for portability can hire the MacBook Air or the 13’ MacBook Pro from Tablet Rentals or the 14’ MacBook Pro and the MacBook Pro 16’ are available for those needing more power or extra ports, like our creatives.

Cost wise the MacBook 14’ Pro starts from a whopping £1,899.00 and the 16’ MacBook Pro from £2,399.00 which is very hefty, so in the meantime your best bet could be to contact the team at Tablet Rentals for the latest MacBook Pro hire options.

For further information please call: 0207 6830232 or email the team at: [email protected]

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