With lockdown 2 currently in full force, at Tablet Rentals we thought we’d update you on our support and gratitude for the NHS, and all care and keyworkers, who continue to work so tirelessly to protect young and old across the UK.

Seven months ago we were contacted by the amazing team at Oxfordshire Stroke Rehabilitation Unit (OSRU) to see whether we could loan them iPads so they could set up face to face meetings for patients with their loved ones, via Facetime and Zoom etc.

Tablet Rentals was extremely happy to be able to support in some small way and we have also assisted at other facilities as well, such as Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

We have loaned iPads to these hospitals since April and will continue to do so throughout this pandemic.

In these challenging times it is extremely rewarding to know our iPad devices can be used by so many patients to be able to connect with their loved ones as they recover in our phenomenal hospital units.

It is also worth reflecting how technology has evolved over the last ten years. The first iPad was only released in April 2010 and it was brick-like, heavy, cumbersome device. Since 2010, Apple / Samsung / Microsoft and others have revolutionised hand-held devices and have hugely impacted the health industry in so many ways.

Tablet Rentals are proud to know that our iPads can contribute in a small way in this sphere.

For those that missed the earlier story, or are interested in the work Oxfordshire Stroke Rehabilitation Unit (OSRU) you can read more here.

Screenshot of thankyou message from Emma Garratt on Twitter after Tablet Rentals leant the NHS Ipads