Tablet Rentals is proud to announce a collaboration with the Young Film Academy for a series of events over the next few months called The One Day Film School.

The Young Film Academy provide online or in-school tuition courses for children 8+ in creating, editing, understanding and producing short films.

The team at Tablet Rentals love anything creative and we know these courses are a fantastic opportunity for children to discover their creative and artistic talents.  Smart devices can offer so much more to our children than games.  Our partnership with The One Day Film School means that children will be given the opportunity to learn filmmaking at discounted rates and hopefully develop some useful skills in filmmaking and photography.

Any iPad, tablet or smartphone device can be used and upon completion of these superb, fun and intuitive courses provided by the Young Film Academy, we know thousands of parents will be proudly watching in wonder as children start to create, edit and produce short films!

Could this be the start of the next Debra Haywood (Les Misérables) or Jed Mecurio (Line of Duty)…? Tablet Rentals and Young Film Academy certainly hope so! Enjoy!

As always, our team at Tablet Rentals will be happy to assist with any of your requirements and we can be reached by email: [email protected] or please call: 0207 6830232

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