If you have also ever wondered why the world is so obsessed with smart TVs and what is so special about them when you already have gadgets like desktops, laptop and tablet PCs; this post is for you.

Starting with the most frequently asked question, ‘What is a smart TV?’

This term is generally used for TV sets that can be connected to the internet to access streaming media services. You can easily access on-demand videos, web browsers and internet music stations on a smart TV.

These machines either use a wired Ethernet connection or a built-in Wi-Fi to connect to the available network for internet access. You can choose between the wired and wireless models, the prices of the latter however are considerably higher than the wired ones. Also, it is important that you check the strength of the Wi-Fi before you make the final purchase to see whether you would be able to enjoy an uninterrupted coverage of Wi-Fi where you plan to install the smart TV. A quick and easy way to test any model of your choice is to opt for smart TV hire which is a cheap method available easily at most of the IT rental companies.

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