Use of iPads in exhibitions and art shows is becoming increasingly common because of the ease and convenience they provide in terms of setup and the creative flair they bring to the events. Here are some of the interesting features of iPads you can use in your next exhibition show:


1. Multitasking- With the Split View you can very easily split your iPad display into two for multitasking. Simply swipe in from right of the screen to open one app in Slide Over view and tap on the white handle next to the second app to expand it into Split View and work on two apps simultaneously.

2. Keyboard as Touchpad- If you are using the iPad for the first time and find it difficult to move the cursor to a different position while typing, here is what you need to do. Simply move your two fingers on the iPad to turn its keyboard into a virtual touchpad.

3. Turn on ‘Find My iPad’- Exhibitions and trade shows receive a lot of guests and in spite of all the security, it is easy for an iPad to get lost or stolen. To easily locate your iPad during such times, turn on the ‘Find My iPad’ settings. You can find them here- Settings – iCloud – Find My iPad; switch it on to automatically send your iPad’s location to Apple even when the battery is critically low.

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