As we always talk about the importance of iPad apps, we decided to give you two new fun, yet useful iPad apps – as featured in TabTimes.

Big Business app

We all know how much fun it can be to kill a bit of time by playing a round of Angry Birds. But out of all the games released as iPad apps, one can be seen as almost productive.

This month, Game Insight released their Big Business app finally on the iPad. While it was previously only available on Android devices, it still proved popular with 16 million players since the game was released in January this year.

The game starts with a tutorial, which you must complete before advancing. Throughout the game, the player’s entrepreneurial skills are tested as the aim of the game is to built factories, cultivate and harvest crops as well as manage the financial resources. And the best thing? It’s completely free.

My Meetings app 

While we’re used to getting most apps for free or very cheap in the iPad App Store, spending $15.99 (£9.85) on an app seems almost extortionate. However, if you think back to the times when we had to pay hundreds of pounds for different PC software, then the My Meetings app really is a bargain at under £10.

Aimed at managers and executives, the My Meetings app helps the user setting up and managing meetings. The app links with your iPad’s contact list and calendar, lets you assign action items, and much more. Of course the app has all the features needed for a meeting, including the ability to take notes on topic related templates, as well as being able to record the meeting and attach voice recordings taken during the meeting.

What’s especially useful with the My Meetings app is that you’re able to send the minutes to all attendees, as well as action items and deadlines. So if you usually have an admin that does the note taking during your meetings, My Meetings can not only make that process easier but also a lot more useful.

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