Storing files on Cloud-based services is becoming simpler and with that more popular than ever. Especially due to increasing use of iPads in businesses, being able to sync and access documents mobile is an important factor for many companies.

TabTimes put together their five favourite cloud-based services in different price groups, giving options whether you’re a startup or one of the Fortune 500 companies. We summarised their list for you here:

  1. SugarSyncFree to Download – While plans for single users are cheaper, SugarSync offers a business option for three users which starts at $299.99 (£189.45) a year or $29.99 (£18.96) a month. You can easily back up and sync any of the folders on your iPad and share those with the other users in your company.
  2. DropBoxFree to Download – While DropBox is reliable, easy to use, and comes with phone support and administrative tool when you get one of their Team accounts, it also does come with quite a price tag. Starting at $795 (£502.53) a year you get access for five users and online storage worth 1000 GB. If you have the cash, what’s great about DropBox is that you can add additional users to the account for $125 (£78.94) a year, giving you an additional 200GB of storage space.
  3. Box Free to Download – Starting at just $15 (£9.48) a month per user, the Box Business plans get you 1000 GB storage space and great collaboration tools. Those include task assignments and comments and help with interaction amongst different users. There’s also the option of customizable Deal Rooms, which replace insecure emailing of important business documents by offering a secure access point to file for multiple parties. 
  4. EgnyteFree to Download­ – The great thing about Egnyte is that it encrypts files end-to-end, making the cloud storing even more secure. Starting at $24.99 (£15.80) a month for 5 users, the service provides automatic file versioning that makes sure all users have the latest version of a file to hand. Egnyte is especially suitable for businesses in the fields of healthcare, biomedical or pharmaceutical, as it is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) regulations. 
  5. Google DriveFree to Download – The cheapest and most flexible option on our list of cloud based storage services is Google. An unlimited number of users can be added for just $5 (£3.16) a month or $50 (£31.60) a year, making it perfect for small and growing businesses. Each user will gain access to Google’s services including Google Drive with 25GB storage space, but also Gmail, Calendar and more. 
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