In every industry we can find the successful entry of the latest technologies be it education, hospitality or travel industry. iPads are the new buzz and the hospitality industry has been using iPads to make their deliverables more effective. Industry leaders are using iPads to enhance customer experience and make informed decisions.

IPads in the hospitality industry can potentially create a valuable edge in the present competitive scenario. Let’s have a look at the innovative ways iPads can create a buzz in the hospitality industry:

  • iPads can replace paper menus allowing the customers to browse, access the photo of every dish and then order the food of their choice. This also includes easy revision in price fluctuations and ease in ordering only items that are in stock.
  • Giving iPads to guests coming to the hotel will serve as a guide map of the places, sites and things that he/she is looking for. London’s Berkeley Hotel has planned to offer all its guests with iPads during their stay at the hotel and enrich their travelling experience.
  • Use of iPads promotes social presence of your hotel and restaurant with the online community.

You can use iPads in many other innovative ways for better business. The good thing is that for this you do not have to spend a fortune but can easily rent them. You can also rent plasma screens, iPhones and iPad stands and use them to add up to your revenue.