It was 3 years yesterday (03 Apr, 2010) that Apple released the first iPad and the past 3 years have seen huge jumps in both the design and capabilities or the iPad, but their use and reliance within businesses and the workplace.

At Tablet Rentals ( we have watched with interest and amazement the iPad phenomenon over the past 3 years. Whilst we stock and have a high demand for the iPad 2’s, iPad 3’s the new cellular 4G iPad along with the iPad mini and galaxy tablets, we still have the original iPad and it is a great reminder on how far iPads and tablets have developed in just 3 years. The original iPad seems chunky and heavy in comparison to the latest cellular iPad, but it still has great functionality and general use. In fact I’m writing this text on the original iPad and for general everyday use (emails, web, apps etc) it still more than does a job!

Yet technology constantly evolves and this is especially true in the iPad and tablet market. The retina touch screens of today were surely just a distant dream when Apple first released the iPad 3 years ago. Whilst our clients at Tablet Rentals now have a huge range of iPad requirements, new functionalities are constantly developed and we love being a part of this.

So did you know that approx £15 bn will be spent on iPads this year? Or that approximately 27 million tablets will be used in 2013? Tablet Rentals certainly don’t have that volume in stock, but Tablet Rentals are extremely proud to help hundreds of businesses in the UK and overseas with their iPad rental needs and we look forward to continuing to do so.
Please call us if you need to discuss anything iPad-related: 0207 7497242 or email: and we look forward to hearing from you.