With over 225,000 iPad apps in Apple’s App Store, it can be difficult to keep track of what apps there actually are out there. This is especially the case for business users of the iPad. So we decided to give you a run-through of our top 10 iPad apps for business.

1. CamCard – Free – As a business person, you get handed a lot of business cards. To avoid that awful feeling of losing an important business card, the people at CamCard have come up with a handy app that lets you scan business cards into your contacts database by using the iPad’s camera.

2. GoToMyPC – Free – There are many remote PC desktop access apps out there but GoToMyPC is the most popular and widely used one of them. It’s got firewall integration, 128-bit encryption and end-to-end authentication to secure the connection, making it a very secure app.

3. Keynote – £6.99 – This app is designed by Apple itself, helping users make presentations. It includes 12 Apple-designed themes, animated charts, and transitions that can be presented on an HDTV display, helping presentation to stand out from others.

4. Zoho Docs – Free – Zoho is a web-based document reader and editor, similar to Google Docs. It lets you share docs with others, and even has check-in/check-out, to save revisions of documents as people make them and helping you keep an overview.

5.  EasySign – Free – Signing electronic agreements can be a pain. EasySign makes the progress much simpler. It lets you sign documents on your iPad and mail them off instantly.

6. Yammer – Free – If you want a private and secure social network for your business, Yammer is the one for you. It even offers real-time chat amongst staff within a secured network on both iPads and iPhones.

7. Square – Free – Businesses increasingly use iPads as point-of-sale systems. Square helps this process immensely, as it lets you take credit cards right from your iPad. It uses a credit card reader plugged into the headphones, which you will get for free when you sign up with the company. The software itself is free also, but a percentage of every transaction goes to the company.

8. PrintCentral – £5.99 – This nifty app lets you print your documents directly from your iPad via most Wi-Fi-enabled printers or any printer attached to a PC. And you don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection, as it works over a 3G network. You are also able to view and store print e-mails, attachments, documents, files, photos, contacts, Web pages and more.

9. FileMaker Go – £27.99 -Filemaker is an established and entrenched brand in the Apple world already, with its database being very popular. Now it’s possible to access your database on your iPad on the go, through FileMaker Go. It lets you do all kinds of wuick access and searches of your data.

10. Corkulous – $1.99 – Corkulous is only available through the US Apple App Store, but that just makes it even cheaper. It’s a virtual cork board, where you can “tack up” notes, photos, contacts, messages and tasks. They are put into the cloud and can be stored in Dropbox and shared with others.

There are many more apps, but these were our favourites. Don’t forget though, if you have an idea for a personalised app for your company, we can design and create an app for you. Contact to one of our advisers today. Just call +44 0207 749 7242 or 0207 749 7200 or contact us by email on info@tablet-rentals.co.uk