TabTimes reported that the American state of Tennessee has decided to bring in ASSETS (automatic self-service electronic terminals) and they’re doing it the clever way. Instead of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in touchscreen computers especially designed for the occasion, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security spend under $80,000 on installing 72 iPads in 26 driver service centres across the urban areas of the state.

The iPads do the trick and instead of investing in specially designed computers, they simple had apps developed. Users are able to renew their driving license by filling out forms electronically, which also allow drivers to change their address. The iPad kiosks also allow users to pay for their license or any reinstatement fees by debit or credit card. Once everything is filled out and the transaction is complete, new licenses will be given out within just a few minutes, making waiting times much shorter for users.

Bill Gibbons, commissioner of the project, gave a statement when announcing the news, saying, “Reducing the wait time at driver service centers is one of our top priorities. These self-service iPad stations will cut down on the number of customers waiting for service from a driver license examiner and will help reduce the overall wait time for all customers.”

By using iPads with especially designed iPad apps, it will also make fixing or changing any parts of the information in the kiosk much simpler. Not only because developing iPad apps is easier than building a whole software computer specifically designated for one purpose alone, but also because iPad developers are much easier to come by and cheaper.

We definitely think they made the right decision by deploying iPads instead of the traditional choice. The only thing we would have recommended would have been to rent the iPads instead of buying them, as it would not only have been cheaper but also saved them from having to buy new replacements whenever one might break.

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