Borrowing and renting used to be very much in fashion. Whether it be property space, household articles or power tools, most things could be hired. However, with the ever decreasing price of, well, everything, people started just buying what they needed for themselves – whether it was convenient or not.

Like many things, this trend came back into fashion due to renewed need to save following the recession. An increasing want to be eco-friendly and sustainable also pushed this process. The economic model is called ‘collaborative consumption’ and simply represents the business model of renting products rather than owning them outright.

As pointed out in The Daily Mail’s article, even iPads can now be rented at a fraction of the original purchase price. Reasons the article named for people to rent rather than buy were short-term use as well as the constant upgrades in technology leading to fast depreciation on relatively new gadgets, such as iPads.

While one company rents electrical items mostly to companies, as they believe insurance to be a potential issue with individuals, we here at Tablet Rentals know that 90 percent of individuals who hire from us already have a cover through home or personal insurance.

We therefore gladly rent our iPads to individuals, such as 27-year-old Yovcho Gorchev. He rented an iPad this March to use at his graduation ceremony at London’s National Film and Television School for £19 plus VAT at 20 per cent. Shortly after, Yovcho rented an iPad from us again for a five-day exhibition where he had a stand displaying his work for £75 plus VAT.

Altogether, Yovcho paid just over £100, meaning he saved almost £500 by not buying the latest iPad model costing up to £600. In the Daily Mail article, he was asked why he rented his iPad and stated, ‘An iPad was the best way to display my work for my graduation show, but I didn’t want to buy an iPad for myself. Buying an iPad would just have been a waste of money. I have a smartphone that I use day to day and for work I use more powerful technology.’

Yovcho Gorchev was just one of our many satisfied clients, who confirmed that renting the iPad was “straightforward and relatively inexpensive”. So what’s stopping you? Why not save money during this recession and rent your iPad from us instead! Contact us today on +44 0207 749 7242 or 0207 749 7200 or email us on