As we mentioned in our blog on 8 Innovative Ways iPads are used in Business a couple of weeks ago, using iPads in education is becoming an increasingly popular objective for schools and their students. The most recent example of this is from San Diego. Their San Diego Unified School District took a massive leap by deciding to spend $15 million on iPads.

The 26,000 iPads will be rolling out to young students this fall. It’s funded by voter-approved program “Proposition S”, which aims to increase technology use in classrooms.

A source told the San Diego’s 10 News that each iPad 2 tablet was bought for $370, which included a $30 education discount by Apple on each iPad. Initially, the iPads will be installed across 340 classrooms, which will be used by 5th to 8th grade students. Eventually, some of the iPads are expected to be used in nearby high school classes as well.

Out of the $15 million, $10 million were invested in the iPad 2 tablets, and the further $5 million will be spend on support with the iPads and individual, personalized iPad apps that will be used in the schools.

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