Why should I rent an iPad when I can have one? Well, the question is obvious given the usability and popularity of iPad. The last few years have witnessed how businesses harnessed the power of iPads for revenue generation and product promotion. Not only in the business sector, has the revolutionary iPad influenced education, health, and tourism industry as well. The roaring success of iPad makes It’s a must have gadget for people across all age groups. However, there are certain aspects which you need to mull over before the final decision is made. Let’s have a look.

Innovation in Technology – The advancements in technology are taking place at a pace much faster than we can imagine. For example, just months after the release of the fourth generation iPad and its miniature iPad counterpart, the hype about the iPad 5 release had already started doing the rounds. In such a scenario, you will Not definitely wish to invest money on a device whose upgraded version is already in the pipeline.

Maintenance – Every new device brings along with it a need for maintenance and updates. There will be a need for new accessories, applications and repair cost provisions, if required. So, ideally it is not a one time investment.

Quantity – If you are a big company and are planning to have a large number of iPads, you will require manpower, purchase, maintenance costs as well as a space to store it. If you are a small company, you may not want to invest in the device but still want to exploit its power.

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