Tablet Rentals possess a large stock of retina iPads, both WIFI and 3G to be able to help you at your event.

Both the iPad 3 and iPad 4 have retina screens as well as the latest IPad from Apple – the iPad Air


So what’s Apple’s latest iPad – the iPad Air….?

Well to start with the design, look and more importantly the feel has certainly changed.

Whilst the iPad 3 and iPad 4 (both retina iPads) are very similar in design and substance to one another, the new iPad Air is a more towards a smaller, thinner, lighter design – with a bit of an iPad mini-esque feel to it.

Why’s this…? Well Apple probably felt the need to change the model as the retina iPad 3 and iPad 4 were becoming heavier, a bit thicker and the iPads did not feel as slick as previous generation versions.

So is the Air a step in the right direction….? Yes, we at Tablet Rentals like the new iPad Air and with a smaller bezel (43% smaller), a lighter feel (28% lighter) and with a thinner case it is certainly noticeable the first time you hold the Air iPad. Many of the previous generations features (retina display) are all maintained, with new features added (A7, 64 bit processor), but the star component is without doubt the design.

At Tablet Rentals, we are often asked what is meant by a retina display and the difference is clear when different versions of the iPad are standing on display next to each other. Ultimately, with a retina display you cannot see the individual pixels on the screen from a regular distance as the pixel size is 2048 by 1536.

The battery is also excellent – up to 10 hours continuous use – which at conferences, events and exhibitions is fabulous. Tablet Rentals also provide great floor, security stands for the iPad Air.

So if you would like to try the iPad Airs at your event, then please get in contact with us on: 0207 683 0232 and