While there have been multiple surveys on user interaction and preferences in regards to the iPad, a new study put a twist on traditional research. Online and mobile presentations company Brainshark asked 1,300 iPad users whether accidentally breaking their iPad would be more painful than different unfortunate events they listed thereafter.
The results may surprise some! Remarkably 10 percent of users stated that being fired from their job would be less painful than losing their beloved iPad.

In the top three of what would be LESS painful than the loss of their iPad devices, users voted:

  • 40 percent: Being in a minor car crash
  • 32 percent (or 1 in 3!): Getting a root canal
  • 16 percent: Breaking their nose

That was only one of the questions, however. Brainshark also asked iPad users in what places their iPad is used. Here’s a list of some popular answers, in increasing popularity:

  • 21 percent use their iPad in the bathtub – surely not the safest place for an electronic device…
  • 24 percent (or 1 in 4!) use their iPad whilst walking – leading to bumping into someone!
  • 34 percent (or 1 in 3!) use their iPad naked – no, we’re not sure how that’s a “place” either…
  • 47 percent use their iPad in a client meeting – finally a sensible answer!
  • 60 percent use their iPad while on the toilet – still not safe but surely better than the bath!
  • 73 percent use their iPad in a plane – we’re getting more sensible here at last!
  • 92 percent use their iPad on vacation – at least the most popular answer is very reasonable.

In terms of business use, iPad owners said they use their device to check their work emails (82 percent), view or deliver iPad presentations (74 percent), research the Web (72 percent), and use business mobile apps (46 percent).

Another interesting results of the survey was that 92 percent of iPad owners said that their iPad currently supplements their laptop, and 51 percent even believe that the iPad will become their primary computing device over the next 2 years.

Chief marketing officer at Brainshark Andy Zimmerman said, “No one doubts the device’s popularity, but what’s really eye-opening about these statistics is just how inextricable the iPad has become from users’ everyday lives.”

He added, “From a business perspective, it’s now incredibly important for companies to find ways to conveniently reach their audiences on this device of choice – making it easy for them to view presentations and other important materials.”

In terms of business travelers specifically, the survey also asked what they’d rather forget than their iPad. Answers included:

  • 17 percent: Turning off the oven
  • 22 percent: Locking the front door
  • 35 percent: Taking a change of clothes
  • 50 percent (47 percent among females): Birth control
  • 55 percent: Deodorant

When it comes to business travel, 89 percent of the iPad owners asked stated that they take their device on trips, with 60 percent taking their laptop as well and 35 percent only bringing their iPad.

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