A new report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) gave an insight into the different uses of the iPad, with a focus on the difference between the usage of the new iPad in comparison to all iPads.

The main areas of use of iPads are browsing the internet, getting entertainment, playing games, checking emails, reading, and using apps. Two more areas that are seemingly increasingly popular for new iPad users are business and social networking.

The report showed that four months after the release of the new iPad, usage increased in most categories but especially business saw a rise. While 13 percent of all iPad owners use their device for work, the number rose to 21 percent for users of the new iPad. The second largest jump was in social networking, from 11 percent of all iPad owners to 16 percent for those users owning the new iPad.

The reason for the increase in business use of the new iPad is likely to lay simply in increasing use of iPads for business and businesses buying the newer devices, rather than the iPad 2 that only has one model left on the market. The actual hardware of the new iPad itself has hardly changed from the iPad 2. The main upgrades are the Retina display, a faster processor and the option of 4G connectivity.

While those functions could potentially be useful for business professionals, it seems unlikely that they were the reasons for an increased urge to use the iPad device for work purposes. Increasing availability of iOS software, including standard and custom mobile apps for business, seems the more likely reason for the success of the iPad in regards to business use. Just in the last year alone, hundreds of mobile apps were released in order to help businesses hold presentations, create reports, conduct meetings, gather data, and much more.

Especially the increasing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in many businesses seems to raise the number of private iPad owners using their device for work. We of course believe renting iPads is easier and helps give all employees the chance to benefit from the advantages iPads and business apps can have for your company. Get in touch with us today to find out more! Just call +44 0207 749 7242 or 0207 749 7200 or email us on info@tablet-rentals.co.uk