The question of whether or not the iPad is a tool for consumption or creation has been around since soon after the iPad’s release. This debate has been reopened with the announcement of the Microsoft Surface tablet. Martha Stewart, queen of crafty creativity, aimed to help out the debate with the launch of CraftStudio, her brand new iPad app. The app is available in the App Store for free until the 8th of July when it will be sold at the normal price of $4.99.

The app is a digital craft table, which lets you mimic the act of making any paper-craft, such as a card. Without the mess created by construction paper, scissors glitter and glue, it’s all done on the iPad by tapping, zooming and rotating. The iPad app aims to be as realistic as possible and lets you put the glitter on your virtual paper by physically shaking the iPad once the glue has been applied to your chosen area. You can also add writing by pressing the typewriter key on the craft tray and even photos by clicking on the vintage camera icon.

Martha Stewart’s entrepreneurship shows as – while the iPad app is free for the moment – she upsells in-app purchases such as themes including “Vacation Adventure”. Such themes cost you $1.99 and get the user extra paper, glitter, stamps, stickers, corner punches and more.

Still, CraftStudio may just become the new Draw Something, especially since the app has partnered with HP’s Snapfish brand meaning users can easily share their project via the service or social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also save your creations to your iPad or even print them via AirPrint.

The simplicity of the app makes it not only easy but also fun to use. Even those that don’t generally consider themselves crafty are able to get creative and feel at least slightly artistic, which is one thing the new digital creativity tools that have started to appear more and more recently have in common. Martha Stewart is just one of the newest apps that show that the iPad is definitely a tool for creation and not just consumption.

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