The popularity of iPads keeps growing and as we’ve been reporting, the trend is especially making its way into the education system! Not only are schools in the USA investing millions in getting iPads for schools, so much so that iPads sales in the US education market actually overtook PC sales this year, but the UK education system is catching up fast too. With mock exams on iPads being just one step towards the integration of iPads in the education system.

The best way to prepare your children is therefore to let them play with your iPad. Now this thought may sent shivers down your back, as having a small child near an expensive technological advice does not sound like the best idea. But likely there’s now a solution!

A mother and designer aims to make the iPad child-proof with the new My:KidPad, a protective case that works both on the iPad 2 and new iPad. The information on their Kickstarter page states: “This is the information age, and that’s an information age kid. Let’s bring the two together with a lightweight, durable, protective case that transforms the iPad 2 and 3 into an object of kidsafe fun and adult [peace] of mind.”

The case itself is made out of two parts: a soft injection mould base made from flexible foam that holds the iPad, and a plastic frame that gets snapped over the iPad in order to secure it in place.

The Kickstarter page further explained, “The my:kidpad was created with that excitement in mind. Sturdy gaming handles that act as bumpers and shock absorbers for you iPad when your little gamers are ‘in the zone’.”

Here’s a video of the case being tested:

The prototype has been created and tested over the past nine months, and Idiom Plus are now looking to pledge $55,000 in order to get the project into full production. There are 17 days remaining so if you want to support the project, head over to their Kickstarter Page. Let us know if you do and what you think in a comment below!

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