iPad's Split Screen Function

A recent article in TabTimes revealed the hidden features of Apple’s iPad keyboard. We decided to reveal them in our blog as well so we can be sure we’re not the only ones enjoying those hidden keys and shortcuts.

Split Keyboard function
– While the iPad’s virtual keyboard has been praised for its easy-to-type use, the large size sometimes makes it a bit difficult to reach all the keys. This is where the split keyboard function comes in very handy. It enables users to half the keyboard into two smaller sections, which it at the side of the screen and allows users to type easily type with their thumbs while holding the iPad.
– Enable the split keyboard function by tapping and holding the keyboard button in the lower left while the keyboard is visible. Choose ‘Split’ option.

Hidden keys
What – Typing can be made even quicker with the six hidden keys on the keyboard.
How – They are located at the ends of the rows of letters on either side. The empty space next to the buttons produces a mirror image of the buttons located the furthest on the other side. So on the right next to the Y, H, and B buttons you can access the T, G, and V; on the left side next to T, G, and V, the hidden keys are Y, H, and B.

Moving the Keyboard
What – The keyboard can be undocked and moved anywhere else on the screen. This works both for the full-size and split keyboard.
How – Move the keyboard by tapping and holding the keyboard button. Choose ‘Undock’ option. Pull the keyboard where you want it.

Hidden Characters and Shortcuts
What – Below the surface of many of the keys on the iPad keyboard, there are hidden characters and shortcuts. For example, the E key holds seven extra variants and the .com button gives options for .net, .org, .us, and .edu.
How – Simply tap and hold the button of your choice and the additional options will pop up.

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