The iPad has seen many different uses since it’s initial launch and it’s seeing many different users as it is getting more popular as well. While iPads for business use is one of the most popular areas of the devices overall use, there are also millions of individuals who use iPads on a daily basis for personal use. And according to a study by the digital marketing and media research agency eMarketer, the number is both categories will increase even more in the coming years.
eMarketer’s latest report predicts a 90 percent increase of iPad users this year in the United States alone. Incredibly, this is a decline from last year, where the number of private and business iPad users increased by 143 percent. While the level of growth in percentage will keep declining over the years, the firm suggests that by 2015 a total of 90 million iPads will be in use. If achieved, it would mean almost a third of US-based internet users would use an iPad to go online.

Growth of iPad users is especially predicted in two age groups – those under 12 years old and those over 65 years old. This seems especially relevant as the iPad is much easier to use than laptops or desktop computers. With the iPad’s increasing affordability incredibly user-friendly touch screen and thousands of easy-to-use mobile apps, often designed especially to entertain and teach children or to help simplify life for the elderly, it is no surprise that those age groups especially have started using the devices. However, overall the age group most likely to use the iPad remains adults between 25 and 44 years old, this year at least.

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