It is interesting to see how millions of people have embraced this industry changing new technology in their day to day activities motivating its makers to launch a series of next generation devices. The latest debutantes are iPad mini and a fourth generation iPad. Given the huge interest in iPads and the range of available options, here we will share some tips to follow before picking an iPad.

Size does matter

Portability of iPads is one of the many features that make it an overwhelming choice among users. iPad mini is about 7.9 inches in length, nearly 2 inches smaller than all other iPads which may  fit in some purses, suit jackets and even your jeans back pocket. With the latest iPad weighing about 1.44 pounds and iPad mini weighing about 0.68 pounds, it is a favourable option for those who want an iPad mostly as an ebook reader.


iPad mini is the least expensive of all other models. But, these are only for the Wi-Fi models with 16GB storage space. iPad mini with Wi-Fi + Cellular(16GB) is priced at $459 while iPad2 for the same is set at $529. If this is too expensive, you might consider tablet hire from major rental companies or buy second hand iPads from online stores.

App Support

Of the 275,000+ apps, most of the applications are compatible with all the iPad models. Some of these apps are optimised for more powerful processor or the Retina display which is found in the newest iPad. Remember, iPad mini’s screen at 1024 × 768 resolutions at 132 pixels per inch may not be as powerful as iPad4 but its lighter and smaller body is easier to type while holding it.

Confused? You are not the only one. For a better judgement consider iPad 2 rental or tablet hire from major companies who lease iPads. Get hands on experience on the newest versions and make a wise investment.