We already discussed that the iPad is being used across different companies in multiple innovative ways. Whether it’s for information and food orders in the airport, as menus in pubs, by doctors in hospitals, or for sales across multiple different markets – the use of iPads in business is catching on.

With its great display and easy touch interface, Apple’s iPad has started to become an asset in advertising as well. Instead of traditional signage, many retail locations have started to look into using iPads in their stores.

The main problem is the great value of an iPad as opposed to a traditional sign, meaning it needs to be much more protected to avoid damage and theft. Companies such as Logitech and Kensington are already offering secure protective cases and other products to help keep iPads secure in such locations. Especially AmorActive, who claim they offer the largest selection of iPad kiosk products.

ArmorActive targets retailers specifically, with L.L. Bean joining the customer list most recently. Together they created 75 custom iPad kiosks, which enable L.L. Bean to display catalogues securely, as well as letting the retailed check inventories, collect customer information, and help with sales.

According to an article in TabTimes, one of AmorActive’s team of Solutions Architects Andrew Jensen explained, “LL Bean needed a secure solution that would also allow customers to interact with the app. Sourcing a stand and enclosure was simple, but L.L. Bean also needed some added security tether cables, so we worked with Kensington to supply what they needed.”

Currently, many large retailers are deploying these iPad kiosks as pilot projects in certain stores in order to test if they meet their needs. L.L. Bean also initially tested the iPad kiosks but has since deployed them across the Northeast of the United States.

The popularity of the iPad kiosks has been spreading, attracting other well-known retailers and large companies, including Foot Locker, ING, GAP, Autodesk and non-profit organisation Operation Smile (pictured above).

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