The last few years have seen how iPads revolutionised the business operations worldwide with its amazing functionalities and applications. The rising numbers of UK iPad rentals is a testimony to the extensive use of iPads by different economic sectors to perform different tasks. However, it would be unfair if we fail to acknowledge the efficiency of the tablet technology beyond business dimensions. Let’s take a look at some of the best iPad apps.

Mint is an official iPad app that shows your funds in lists and charts while automatically categorising your transactions. With an ease to create transactions by automatically filling in merchant data based on your location, you are now able to monitor your cash flow.

Flipboard is a personalised magazine that lets you pick your favourite topics, accumulate new from across the web and collect them in personalised magazines which you can share with others. Flipboard’s high resolution images featured on iPad’s Retina Display is just amazing.

The Amazon Kindle App is a must for bookworms. The internal search function for books, instant definition of words and quick emailing of PDF’s and other documents via the “Send to Kindle” feature is appreciable.

Sketchbook Pro is a painting and drawing application that brings out your inner artist. The app has been optimised for Retina Display and touch interfaces and comes laden with tailored options such as favourite brushes, canvas sizes, etc.

How you would leverage your iPad technology for your benefit is entirely up to you, but the fact is, with a little understanding of iPad technology this efficient business tool can be a great tool of entertainment too.