Apple has sold 84 million iPads; almost all Fortune 500 companies are deploying/testing the tablet

News of Apple’s new iPhone 5 have been everywhere, but the main information that we took away from the event in San Francisco on Wednesday were the incredible statistics Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed on the iPad.
Before the introduction of the iPhone 5, Tim Cook gave a summary of Apple’s accomplishments to date. One of those incredible achievements was the sale of no less than 84 million iPads, making Apple’s market share an impressive 68 percent. That’s a rise of 6 percent from last year, as the company’s share in the tablet market was 62 percent back then.
Even more so, Cook revealed that iPads are being either tested or deployed by an incredible 94 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. That led to 17 million iPads being sold by Apple between April and June alone this year – supposedly more than any PC manufacturing company sold of their entire PC range!
Other statistics that were revealed at the event this week included:
  • 91 percent of tablet web traffic is done on the iPad
  • Of the 700,000 apps on iTunes, 250,000 are specifically for the iPad
  • By the end of June, 400 million iOS devices were sold by Apple
  • Since today’s launch of a new store in Sweden, there are over 380 Apple Stores across 13 countries
The success of the iPad is obvious to anyone and of course there’s good reason for it. If you want to find out how renting iPads for your company could improve your business, contact one of our advisers today! Simply call +44 0207 749 7242 or 0207 749 7200 or email