The customer has always been king, but especially recently business owners know to treat their consumer base like royalty. Due to recent technological advances, this isn’t always easy since customer expectations are high and rising. Use of tablets, such as the iPad, has been adapted in many businesses already and the sooner you join them, the better.

Especially if you have a custom mobile app for your company, it is important for people within your organization to have access to iPads so they are able to better understand your customers and any problems they may have with the app.

According to an article by TabTimes, having iPads within your company for customer service purposes is still highly underrated. Edouard Tavernier is Vice President of IHS, a company that provides market analyses and forecasts for specific countries and industries. Customers of IHS pay hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly and customer service is therefore very high on the company’s list of priorities. This is one of the reasons they released a mobile app, which according to TabTimes is “one of the first comprehensive business intelligence apps ever”.

As stated above, being able to have the mobile app in front of advisers at the same time they are talking to customers having problems with the app helps increase the customer care the company is able to provide. This will soon be expected by customers, if it is not already, meaning companies need to prepare themselves. Financial services firms were even recommended to use the tablet device to sustain good customer relationships, as iPads are able to give customers more “face-to-face” time.

Of course customer care is only one good reason to invest in iPads for your business. Increasingly, iPads are being used to increase sales across shops especially in the USA. American telecommunications company Verizon handed out over 4,000 tablets earlier this year, and popular American department store Sears is following the movement by equipping their sales people with tablets in 450 stores.

The aim is to intensify the consumers buying experience by being able to show them the product they need and why right there on the shop floor. Often the extra attention is enough to seal the deal and thereby increase sales.

TabTimes advice is to equip your company and its sales team with iPads as quickly as possible – we agree! And since it’s not just about making money but also saving money, why not rent your iPads instead of having to buy them? Talk to one of our advisers for an accurate quote today. Just call +44 0207 749 7242 or 0207 749 7200 or email us on