Tablet Rentals now offer iPad streaming presentation software for events, conferences, meetings and summits.
Our new web App offers event organisers a bespoke and unique way to stream a presentation to unlimited iPads as well as a main projector. In short, this means the moment a key presentor changes his / her slide the rest of the delegates iPads automatically stream and show that slide. The main presentator can control the presentation from an iPad wirelessly and it is also streamed to a main projector.

Delegates can be fully inter-active and ask questions via the iPads. The questions can then be released and published onto the main projector and all the questions / feedback can be collected / stored for a later date.
A brief synopsis:
– Key presentor can stream interactive presentations to multiple iPads
– Via the iPads delegates can send live questions / comments to the presenter
– The comments / questions can be monitored and released by a moderator live onto the main screen
– The iPads can be used for live iPad answers anjd voting
– Results are immediately shown onto the main screen
– The iPads all full audience participation and feedback
– All data captured and results can be stored and used at a later date.
– The iPads and event can be branded for each client

Tablet Rentals offers a full solution package; from iPad rentals, technical consultancy pre-event, during and post-event, the implementation of Software as Service (SAAS) as well as the full setup, onsite support and configuration for your event.

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