iPads as many of you might know already, come with Retina display screens. What most of you don’t know is that ‘Retina Display’ is a marketing term developed and used by Apple to refer to their high resolution (almost 300 pixels per inch) displays in which the individual pixels are not visible at a normal viewing distance. The term is Apple trademarked and cannot be used by any other rival company.

Now who wouldn’t want such a high resolution iPad, right? Well, that is the principal thought behind the innovative technology. But since they couldn’t be satisfied with the exceptional technology they invented, Apple decided to bring in more improved advancements and has launched Retina HD in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Now how would it be different than its older version? Well, here are some differences:

  1. Dual Domain Pixels- It allows users wider viewing angles.
  2. Improved Polariser- This means that you can easily view your Retina HD display screens with sunglasses on.
  3. Higher Contrast- It is better that I quote Apple’s exact words here where they describe that the manufacturing process “involves using UV light to precisely position the display’s liquid crystals so they lie exactly where they should. Better-aligned crystals deliver a superior viewing experience, with deeper blacks and sharper text.”

Tablet rental companies all over the world have noticed increased sales of iPad Retinal rental since it has been introduced in the market. These are perfect for HD games, pictures, videos, presentations and what not!

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