An iPad works like a full-fledged computer, but portable and lightweight for using on the move. iPads are a big thing in the gadget world. A growing number of businesses are investing in different generation iPads.  They rent iPads from the iPad rental companies for exhibitions, meetings and conferences.

Like, you have a big conference coming up while you will be discussing an upcoming product. Instead of whiteboards and projectors, you have provided each member with an iPad 2. They can see the product details on their iPad 2 screens in the form of slides. You can share images, documents and videos of the products to them followed by a quick feedback form and questionnaire session. At the end, you can email a copy of the slides and/or of relevant files to each member.

The complete process will be seamless and organised. You can hire iPad 2 from tablet rental companies. Some companies offer conference iPad hire with apps and software loaded to them. They can help you create a presentation on iPads and downloading important files and folders for discussion. By searching online, you can find the list of iPad rental companies that can meet your business requirements.