Apple is ready to entice customers with two power packed mobile devices this holiday season: iPad mini with Retina and the latest iPad Air. This year Apple has made difference between the two devices minute than ever. The iPad Air and the iPad with Retina share some common features. Both the devices share the same processor, camera and GPU, promise 10 hours battery and can be configured as high as 128GB and with LTE. The iPad Air is also light in weight as compared to the iPad 4.

We have circled our analysis around the things you would do with an iPad and listed some of the questions you need to ask to help choose the right one.

  1. Which activity you’re doing mainly on your iPad?
  2. What tablet size do you prefer?
  3. Do your always carry a laptop?
  4. Do you prefer watching movies on road, at home, or in both the places?
  5. How do you mostly navigate online, browsing or typing?
  6. What type of content do you mostly consume while reading?
  7. What is your budget?

Answers to the above questions will help you decide which iPad will be best for you. For instance, if you mostly navigate online by typing, go for Air. iPad Air has excellent keyboard accessories, wide and normally spaced with a very comfortable feel. iPad mini with Retina comes at $100 less than iPad Air. So, if saving $100 sounds good to you then go for Mini.

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