iPads are more dynamic, portable, personalised and affordable than any other learning technology that has hit the market before it. The potential of iPad as an educational tool in elementary, secondary and special classroom settings is unlimited. With appropriate eBooks, apps or content, iPads have transformed into a revolutionary educational tool for students. The device inspires students to use their creativity and hands on learning with powerful apps from the app stores like iTunes U and iBooks. An instant access to the entire library for finding information lets students engage with content wherever they go.

In this era of touch screen devices, a “Multi-Touch textbook” on iPad is one book students will love to learn from. A clever assemblage of attractive layouts, interactive images, 3D-graphics and more into a pocket size textbooks offer an amazing experience to readers. They can flip through a book by sliding their finger along thumbnail images, go to a glossary or dictionary to know the definition of a word with a single tap, rotate a 3D image to view it from every angle, or browse through a gorgeous photo gallery.

With iPads as textbooks, students can get a new version each year by downloading eBooks textbooks from the textbook section of the iBookstore directly to the iPad. Just like traditionally printed books, interactive eBooks are designed to appeal to specific age groups, so it is important to choose the appropriate eBook or app. This powerful and versatile tool with a multitude of applications will help students develop a passion for reading and motivate them to improve their skills. As a result of which, an increasing number of schools lease iPads, rent iPad 3 from iPad rental companies for seminars and presentations to make the event more interactive and successful.