By using Tablet Rentals to hire an iPhone, of course! Now, you might think this is a promotional post and we are only going to boast about our products and services, but that is not the case. Tablet Rentals is one of the leading iPhone rental service providers located in London. With a global coverage, we provide iPad and iPhone hire services in the whole world for various corporate events like exhibitions, conferences, product launches, etc according to the various requirements of the customers.

Here is how an iPhone rental can help you and why Tablet Rentals is so popular for providing the same:

  1. iPhones are a wonderful way to increase the efficiency of your corporate event with the help of useful application software programmes available in the Apple Store. These can also be used to keep record of the attendees of the event.
  2. Hire an iPhone for your guests if you wish to make your event more interactive by including live surveys, polls or interactive sessions. Special applications can be developed in iPhones to help you customise such services according to your specific requirements.
  3. Competitive rates make it easier for you to integrate iPhone hire in your events without having to raise the total budget of event organisation exponentially. Our rental rates start from as low as £30 per day for iPhone 5C and 5S. Long term plans are more cost efficient and you can avail a 30 day iPhone rental for only £160.

Apart from iPhones and iPads; Tablet Rentals also provide accessory items like stands, kiosks and security equipment at economic rates. For more information, call 0207 683 0232.