While the internet gave great new opportunities to the travel and tourism industry by making last-minute deals more attainable, the rise of mobile has given a renewed break. HotelTonight is one great example of the success achievable in the mobile world.

Founded in December 2010, HotelTonight offers a mobile app for smartphones and the iPad that allows users to book a hotel room in ‘three-taps’. Consumers are offered up to 70 percent off last-minute hotel bookings and the mobile apps are all free. The money for the app comes from its partnering hotels, who give the company around 20 percent commission per booking.

The cheap deals plus the easy and fast to use mobile app lead the company to expand rapidly, with hotel deals offered in 42 cities in the USA as well as the recently established new office in London.

In an article with TabTimes, HotelTonight’s CEO Sam Shank explained that the company’s unique selling point of being “100 percent mobile” makes it different to other businesses offering last minute deals. This approach also helps both the company and their hotel partners get ahead in the industry.

At the LeWeb conference in London last month, Shank explained that 15 percent of hotel bookings are made up by last minute bookings and this number is bound to rise even more due to the growing use of smartphones.

The app is available for Android devices as well as the iPhone and iPad, and together they have been downloaded over 2.3 million times to date. While the iPhone app has been the mobile device used primarily, Shank pointed out that the iPad app especially is going “very well” since its launch less than four months ago.

While users use the iPhone app for quick bookings on their travels, when it comes to the iPad app it seems users are taking more time on the app and ‘window shop’ rather than book on their iPad. The app is easy to use, free of ads and packed with high-resolution photos of hotels that are put into the categories ‘luxury’, ‘hip’, ‘solid’, ‘basic’ or ‘charming’.

Shank explains how the app has been tweaked especially for the iPad, in order to cater to user needs. He said, “It’s still three taps to book a hotel, but a lot more people are using it for entertainment and window shopping. We designed the app to be more of a casual, laid-back browsing experience versus the spontaneous, last-minute booking experience for the iPhone and Android. We really wanted to let iPad users visually visit, explore, and engage with our destinations through the high-resolution photography”.

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