A new version of the meeting management mobile app eScribe Professional is out and now available for iPads! The app allows users to have secure, paperless business meetings by featuring not only real-time chat, collaboration amongst user but also voting via iPads!

This newest voting feature was added after eScribe received many requests for the ability to vote in real-time, as the app is often used on iPads across school board, council, and board meetings.

The company of the same name developed the eScribe app, which specializes in integrated paperless meeting automation software that works with Microsoft SharePoint and the Office suite as well.

Available onsite or on cloud, the eScribe solution lets results of meetings be published online with one button or even indexed to audio and video if available; “all in accordance with evolving access and accessibility legislation.”

Several paper-based approaches are replaced by the eScribe software, including minutes review, agenda management and full, lifecycle meeting automation. The eScribe app also adds multiple real-time meeting functions, such as the administration of pecuniary interest and request-to-speak requests, roll-call, and of course the voting feature, which allows those participants that are registered in the meeting to vote directly from their iPad.

Meetings can be joined by the participants through their iPad via either a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. In regards to security, the new software supports security tokens, single-sign-in and offline meeting management with digital shred options.

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