According to ab article by Giga Apple will release their sales for Q3 of 2012 in just a few weeks and the one question everyone’s wanting to know the answer to is whether the New iPad managed to outsell its popular older version, the iPad 2.

The question is important in determining the future of the iPad 2. Apple dropped the price of the older iPad version by $100, making it more appealing to tablet buyers who are looking at buying cheaper tablet devices such as the Kindle Fire. While this has the potential to increase sales of the iPad 2, the problem that could arise at the same time is that it might keep consumers from buying the pricier New iPad.

While Apple just left the 16 GB Wifi only version on the market, it’s proven popularity in the past and great customer reviews might encourage people to stick with the iPad 2 rather than paying the extra money for the third-generation iPad. In technology terms, being a year old makes the iPad 2 ancient but it already has more and better features than other tablets on the market could dream about. This makes it likely that customers will consider buying the device now the price has been reduced, as it will be only slightly more expensive than other cheaper tablets.

However, with the iPad 2 on the market, consumers will think twice about buying the more expensive new iPad, meaning Apple may be losing out on $100 on more on pure profit every time a costumer picks the old version over the newest one. This is called ‘second degree discrimination’ by economists and Apple are definitely aware of this. It’s the reason why only the 16GB Wifi only version of the iPad 2 has been left on the market.

If it turns out that the profits of the iPad 2 sales do not make up for the losses brought on by a lack of sales of the third-generation iPad, there is a strong likelihood that Apple will pull the plug and the iPad 2 will not be on the market much longer.

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