Apple launched its fourth generation iPad on November2, 2012. iPad4 surpasses the third generation iPads in many features.

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Here are the best 5 features of iPad4 which make it unique from other iPads:

1.Faster Wi-Fi
Apple has increased the Wi-Fi speed in its iPad4 version. Now, the users can browse internet and download media at a faster rate. People dominantly use iPads for a better browsing experience, and iPad4 serves this purpose.

The camera of iPad4 is more upgraded than that of iPad3. iPad4 has a 5 megapixel rear camera and 1.2 megapixel front camera. Apple has also increased the number of pixels to improve the image quality.

iPad4 has an upgraded dual core A6X chip processor that offers maximum performance and a better UI.

4.4G LTE
iPad4 is 4G LTE compatible and offers a breakthrough in the world of internet. 4G LTE is way faster than the old 3G network.

5.Retina display
iPad4 has super high pixel density and resolution and thus offers a crystal clear sharp display.

So far, these were the best 5 features of iPad4. Apple has also introduced other versions in iPad series – iPad2, iPad3, iPad AIR and much more. You can get any iPad on rent from Tablet Rentals for both commercial and personal use. We provide iPads on lease for exhibitions, fests, corporate events, meetings and many other purposes. We have a team of skilled technicians that can guide you about the functions and various softwares of the iPads which you can use for different tasks.

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