From the total number of tablets hired for conferences throughout the world, almost 96% consist of iPads. Starting from its launch in 2010, the market sales of Apple iPads have seen a considerable increase with each year and each subsequent model.

Dominating the tablet market with its huge popularity, it then started taking over the rental industry. Conference iPad hire became popular with commercial users due to the following advantages it provided:

  • Branding edge- With the reliability of Apple’s trademark iOS and unique, innovative features, iPads have in themselves become an established brand in the field of tablets.
  • Bespoke solutions- With customisable apps at their service, delegates were assured of state of the art, attractive application programs loaded with all the information and material regarding their conference like- agendas, PPT presentations, images, videos, speaker catalogues, polls and other such essential matter for their audiences.
  • This has made paperless conferences a reality with its interactive software that is now used to record and store important facts and data of the event which earlier used to require extensive paperwork on the part of the administration and event hosts.
  • Live interaction- Use of iPads for conferences and presentation events allow speakers or presenters to interact with the large crowd on a live basis. Similarly audiences can ask delegates questions in real time and also submit their reviews at the successful completion of the event.

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