When it comes to iPads, we here at Tablet Rentals believe the iPad 2 is the best value-for-money option available on the market. An article from TabTimes proves we are not alone in that belief.

While in the PC world older versions and generations die out quickly, this has not always been the case with Apple. The iPad 2 is yet another of these examples. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) released data of iPad sales since the March 16th launch date of the new iPad, which showed that while 59% of sales were captured by the new iPad, the iPad 2 still accounted for 41% of the total iPad sales.

Ben Bajarin, analyst at Creative Strategies, believes especially in business circles, the iPad 2 is selling well due to its affordability and the fact that it meets office and business needs. In regards to the new iPad, Bajarin believes, “The Retina display is not critical to workflow or most business applications.”

Andy Saks, CEO of Spark Presentations, agreed. “As an iPad 2 user who loves his iPad, I am quite happy staying pat and have no interest in upgrading to the new iPad. The new features are no big deal to me.” He added, “My wife and I went to a local Apple store to test out the ‘new iPad’ and honestly couldn’t tell the difference between it and our iPad 2. The screen resolution looked exactly the same to us even viewing high-res photos and videos from Apple, and we think the old resolution is just fine anyway.”

While there are some technological advancements to be had with the new iPad, including 1GB of application memory and resolution of 2056×1538, most apps are coming out as both standard and HD versions, thereby not causing any distress for iPad 2 users. Additionally, ChangeWave Research showed that 71% of iPad 2 owners said they were “Very Satisfied” with their device, comparing to 46% for the third highest rating tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Saks concluded, “Our feeling is, we’ll upgrade when our old iPad breaks or the next-gen iPad is released with more useful features.”

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