An iPad is portable; an iPad is beautiful; an iPad performs like a full-fledged computer, and not to forget the apps. Does that make tablets the next next thing? Indeed. While the impressive look of an iPad can surely tempt users to include one in their list of gadgets, working on the same may be tricky. But, once you’re comfortable with the use, you surely wouldn’t like to part with it.

Imagine this, you and your team have gathered in a conference room to discuss a new product. Instead of the whiteboards and big screens, the slides are featured on the iPads. You can share product details with each of the members including photos, videos of how products are made and used as well as videos of customer testimonials. Quick feedback forms and questionnaire sessions will allow a seamless flow of the presentation without any disruptions. At the end, you can email a copy of the slides and/or of relevant files to each member.

Presentation on iPads can be created using the app Keynote or you can load a collection of files and folders and pull them at the time of discussion. And what’s more? You can listen to unlimited songs, watch movies and play games while getting bored at an airport lounge. If you’re not sure of buying it now, there is an option to get iPad on rent from companies who lease iPads. You can hire iPad2, 3 or the latest mini generation at a suitable price. Search online for UK iPad rentals and get iPads on hire.