Some business owners may see the benefit of renting iPads for their company but may not be sure on where deploying iPads for their business makes sense. We have taken it upon ourselves to give you a list of 8 innovative ways iPads are used in business. Read through them and see if you can’t see something that’s relevant to your company:

1. iPads at airport – OTG Managementis a company that operates food and beverage locations at airports in North America. They have plans of deploying over 7000 iPads in three airports. The iPads are to be deployed over the next year and a half and the devices will give travelers the opportunity to order food, check the status of their flight, surf the internet, and much more while waiting to board their flight via the tablets.


2. iPads in Pubs/RestaurantsThe Thirsty Bear is just one of many pubs that are starting to use iPads as alternative menu. Customers are able to look through the menu and order through the tablets attached in different places around the pub and on the bar


3. iPads within Education – When most of us went to school, we were told off for writing on our desk. In Panama, this will soon be encouraged. TabTimes reported that the country’s government is going to introduce a 32-inch LCD display ‘tablet desk’ for students to use. A pilot physics classroom with 20 such desks will be equipped, which will store e-books, notebooks and other school supplies, making them available to be accessed at home.


4. Doctors’ use of iPads – Hospitals have started handing out iPads to their doctors to replace ordinary clipboards and patient notes. One f those hospitals is Ottawa Hospital in Canada’s capital, which has already made patient care faster and more efficient.


5. iPads in Nail Salon – A nail salon called Ten Over Ten in New York’s Manhatten has started using iPads as entertainment while customers wait for their nails to dry. The iPads make it possible for customers to read digital magazines without ruining their freshly painted nails on pages of hardback magazines.


6. iPads in Real Estate – GoodLife Team is one of many real estate agencies that has started deploying iPads in order to improve the mobility of their business. The company’s founder and CEO, Krisstina Wise said, “Before getting one, I had no idea it would become as useful as it has been for my company. Real estate is a mobile industry and iPad enables us to do business wherever we are, at any time. It’s the best mobile device for real estate professionals.”


7. iPads as Hotel Concierge – Aloft Hotels are one of many hotels that have started introducing iPads not only to replace a concierge during slow hours but also in rooms as entertainment and for use as room service.


8. iPads Rented by Airline on Flight – Renting out iPads on flights has saved some airlines money already. Singapore-base airline Scoot rents out iPads to their customers for a small charge, which saves the company from having to deploy regular in-flight entertainment.


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