iPads and tablets are the future, not only for personal use but especially in
relation to business. The Metro newspaper reported this week that Apple says 93 percent of Fortune 500 companies are deploying iPads within the workplace, and this
number is bound to increase.

We have put together 5 reasons for the popularity of iPads within the corporate world:

1. Apple was consumer friendly first. Unlike Dell, who focused on companies first and individuals later, Apple got their products integrated into their consumers’ life, eventually forcing a mobile-device change within the companies. And since Apple started warming up to the business market, as reported by the New York Times in November last year, Apple products grew more business friendly as well.

2. With over 500,000 apps in Apple’s App Store, the appeal is easy to recognise. Out of those, 140,000 are designed as iPad apps specifically. Other operating systems lack this number of apps – especially corporate apps – found in the App Store.

3. What gives iPads even more of the upper-hand, in regards to many other tablets, is the ability to build company specific custom mobile apps, giving companies more control over the devices and making them even more useful in the workplace.

4. The need to buy iPads has been made redundant by the ability to rent iPads for added security and IT help, giving companies the option of trying out the use of iPads with no risk and without great expenditure.

5. Security is another strong point of iPads and its apps. Other tablet providers, especially Android, suffer from security issues – including apps laced with malfare – making iPads the most secure option in the corporate world.

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