Ever since its first shipment in 2007, Apple TV has made news around the world for its innovative design and features that allow users to extract more out of their boxed TV sets. Here are 4 of such cool things you can do with your Apple TV which many of you might not be aware of:


1. Mirror display– Whether it is your Mac, iPhone or iPad; with AirPlay you can very easily mirror the display and stream content from any iOS device right to your TV screen. AirPlay can be easily accessed in Mac’s menu bar or the Control Centre of iPhones or iPads.

2. Download 3rd party apps– In the 4th Gen Apple TV you can easily download 3rd party apps to get more done with your Apple streaming box.

3. Play games– You don’t have to AirPlay the games on your Apple TV; instead store them locally and use your remote as a controller to play your favourite games directly on the large screen of your television.

4. Play unsupported video files– Although Apple only allows a handful of video formats, use a 3rd party app like Infuse  you can play any video format on your Apple TV.

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